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Partners & Sponsorship

CatatanBryant.com has been online since 2012 and still developing until now. This blog decided to take Travel as main topic. Beside Travel, you can find any topics that similar with travel, for example Event, Culture, Culinary, and Tourism Spot.

CatatanBryant.com reach 107.234 pageviews in just one month - on October 2014.
This blog reach 1.008.951 views (October, 27th 2016) and continue to grow more and more.

I confine the advertisers that interested in advertising with this blog in order to maintain the quality of the content and relevance of the material.

I can't put my rate card here because of several reason. So, if you want to make a partnership or advertise in this blog, you can contact me through Contact Page with Subject : Partnership/Sponsorship/Advertise, etc.

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